Logra Tu Dream: Helping Latinos Achieve Their American Dream

This is the next in the series of the Inside Hispanicize podcasts I recorded during Hispanicize 2015. In this episode you'll hear inspiration from Ted Rubin, Jonathan Moreira, Cynthia Sanchez, Laura Elgueta, and Maria Arraras. 

These are a compilation of hallway conversations, short interviews and even short clip from one of the sessions.

Enjoy !!

Stay tuned for a few more Inside Hispanicize podcast episodes !

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Nely Galan is a Latina media dynamo and women’s empowerment advocate she is, dubbed the “Tropical Tycoon” by The New York Times Magazine, is one of the entertainment industry’s savviest firebrand talents. A first-generation immigrant and self-made media mogul, Galan was the first Latina president of a U.S. television network (Telemundo). She is an Emmy Award-winning producer of over 600 episodes of television in Spanish and English, including the Fox reality hit series The Swan, and the first Latina to appear on The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump on NBC. She regularly electrifies audiences with her experiences as one of the first Latina producers in Hollywood and her rise to become a successful media and real estate entrepreneur as well as an inspirational speaker and passionate advocate for the empowerment of Latina’s everywhere.

Galan has owned and operated her own media company, Galan Entertainment, since 1994, launching 10 groundbreaking television channels in Latin America, and producing a staggering 600 episodes of programming spanning all genres—from reality to sitcoms, telenovelas to talk shows, in both English and Spanish.

Galan Entertainment was also responsible for creating and executive producing the smash FOX reality hit The Swan, and its in-house life coach, Galan wrote the bestselling companion book, The Swan Curriculum. The Swan has aired in over 70 countries around the world, and was famously spoofed by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live. She has also owned her own real estate development and investment company, Santa Clara, for fifteen years, which has commercial and residential real estate holdings in multiple states. Galan appeared on the NBC hit The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, joining an all-star cast that included Gene Simmons, Nadia Comaneci, Marilu Henner and the infamous Omarosa. Galan’s appearance on the show, where she raised $250,000 for her charity COUNT ME IN, furthered her reputation as one of the nation’s top female moguls.

In her role as public speaker, Galan routinely draws rave reviews for her mesmerizing presentations on the Latino market, entrepreneurship and female empowerment.

Galan is also frequently cited for her influential work outside the industry as a board member for COUNT ME IN (the leading national non-profit provider for women entrepreneurs), the Coca-Cola Company Advisory Board, and she is an Emeritus member of The Smithsonian Board. She was recently featured in HBO’s The Latino List documentary and national museum show as one of the most influential voices in the Latino community.

What you'll Learn

  • Nely's American Dream
  • How Nely learned early on that fighting for what you believe leads to getting what you want in life
  • Nely's entrepreneurial journey and what she learned from her struggles and achievements
  • The keys to Nely's success
  • How Nely became the president of Telemundo
  • How the Adelante Movement was born
  • How the Adelante Movement is helping Latinas achieve their dreams

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We aIMG_2887re very excited to share with you that podcasting is making its debit at Hispanicize 2015 with a Latino Podcasting session that Laura Elgueta, Ray Collazo and myself will be hosting Frday 20 at 3pm. This episode is a sneak peak of what to expect at the session and also a couple of great short interviews with Debra Deras and Marcos Orozco two top Hispanic influencers we ran into at the halls of Hispanicize 2015. Enjoy !!                                                                                  

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Andrés Gutiérrez diariamente aporta su asesoramiento financiero a la comunidad Hispana como anfitrión de su programa de radio, El Show de Andrés Gutiérrez.  Él también es el creador de Paz Financiera, un curso de seis clases por video que se enfoca en la administración personal del dinero.  Gutiérrez es un codiciado orador, haciendo presentaciones en varias iglesias y compañías por todo el país.  Puede seguir a Andrés por medio de Twitter al @elshowdeandres, por Facebook al facebook.com/elshowdeandres y por Internet al andresgutierrez.com.


  • El dream de Andres
  • Lo que aprendio Andres de cavar un hoyo de deudas tan profundo, que hasta le era difícil ponerle gasolina a su carro lo que casi le costó su matrimonio, y como lo supero
  • El consejo financiero que nunca oiras de tu asesor financiero  que llevo a Andres al exito
  • Porque Andres llamo la atencion de Dave Ramsey el guru mas prominente de finanzas personales en EU
  • Como Andres se convirtio en el creador de Paz Financiera y en el anfitrion de El Show de Andres Gutierrez
  • Porque debes de cortar todas tus tarjetas de credito ahora mismo
  • El mito del reporte de credito
  • Los 6 pasitos a la libertad financiera
  •  Porque mas de 50% de la poblacion Hispana en EU tiene menos de $1000. ahorrados
  • Como eliminar tus deudas y lograr la prosperidad financiera

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Muchas gracias por escucharnos ! Si disfrutaste el episodio te voy a agradecer mucho si te subscribes en  iTunes  o Stitcher y nos dejas un rating y un review. Esto nos ayuda a llegarle  y a ayudarle a mas Latinos y Latinas.

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