Logra Tu Dream: Helping Latinos Achieve Their American Dream

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is a bilingual sought-after speakerand Chief Creative Officer of Gracefully Global Group LLC, the premiere,award-winning publishing and marketing firm for Latino innovation,entrepreneurship and leadership stories. She's the bestselling author of 5-timeaward-winning book Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos CreatingThem. The 1st volume (of a planned series) showcasing Latino-led innovation inthe green economy, at the 2012 International Latino Book Awards, Latinnovating picked up Best BusinessBook honors, among others. Latinnovatingrepresents the convergence of Ms. Tiscareño-Sato’s corporate sustainabilityexperience, entrepreneurial drive and her desire to spotlightstereotype-busting stories of leadership from the Latino community.

Graciela speaks at universities, business schools, industryconferences, corporate ERG meetings and webinars, educational conferences andK-12 literacy & career events. In 2012, she shared the stage with Secretaryof Education Arne Duncan, as keynote speaker at the Green Schools NationalConference. She serves school districts as a bilingual STEM Consultant.

Graciela is a graduate of the School of Environmental Designat Berkeley, a former military officer and aviator and an active mentor toLatino youth. She earned her graduate degree in international management andmarketing while on active duty with the U.S. Air Force flying onboard KC-135refueling jets.

Graciela’s thought leadership pieces have published in theU.S. and Europe including Environmental Leader, Hispanic MBAand many more.She's been quoted in the New York Timesand contributes to the Huffington Post. In March 2014, The White House named her a Champion of Change with 9 other Women Military Veteran Leaders. LATINAStyleMagazine honored her as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Washington D.C.

Graciela's 1st children's picture book (of a plannedseries), Good Night Captain Mama, is the 1st bilingual book teaching youngchildren why mommies wear military uniforms; it was honored as “BestEducational Children’s Book – Bilingual” category at the 2014 InternationalLatino Books Awards at the ALA Convention. The Military Writers Society ofAmerica and Writer's Digest magazinehave also bestowed literary awards on this innovative children's book thatreminds Americans that women and Latinas are veterans too!


What you'll learn

  • Graciela's dream and her path to pursue it
  • How Graciela became an aviator in the air force
  • How talking about what she needed to do next has helped her find her next opportunity throughout her career
  • How she successfully transitioned from military aviator to marketer to entrepreneur, speaker and author
  • How Graciela became a best-selling author
  • Why you should write a book
  • Why you need to seek mentorship wherever you can get it and not be afraid to be the first in your family  to achieve new milestones

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Deborah Deras,​M.S. C.R.C. is a charismatic and engaging inspirational speaker, author, and latina influencer and social media marketing consultant. With over 15 years of experience speaking to audiences around the globe, she is a highly sought after inspirational speaker, trainer, and coach. She is known as one of the top ten Latina speakers in the nation. She has facilitated trainings, keynote speaking engagements and board retreats for Fortune 500 companies such as: J.P. Morgan, Kaiser, Macy's, State Farm Insurance, NASA JPL in Pasadena, NASA in Houston, General Electric, J.P. Morgan, British Petroleum, Association groups, Colleges, Universities. She also facilitated leadership training for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines and U.S. Air force in California and Arizona.

She served as a regional spokesperson for Verizon Wireless presenting workshops to Hispanic Professionals on the best APPS to grow their Businesses. Deborah also served as an Emcee for their premiere awards event featuring Eva Longoria. Deborah is committed to empower professionals and small business owners with the life strategies, resources and marketing strategies to achieve their goals and improve the economic development by creating job opportunities.

Her efforts have been recognized with awards from New York Life and the National Latina Business Womens Association for her contribution to develop Latina Leaders. She has been a featured expert in Latina and Catalina magazines on the topic of speaking and life coaching. Her book, Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: How to Achieve more with less ef ort, has contains powerful strategies to increase productivity and to thrive in the workplace. She also is the creator of Meditation for Success giving busy professional the tools to be more effective, productive and innovative. She resides in sunny Santa Monica, California but her second home is Miami, Florida.

What you'll Learn

  • How she found her calling
  • The simple shift in her thinking, energy and affirmations that brought her success and abundance
  • Why she hasn't had to go out to sell in her business since 2008
  • The power of asking, listening and taking inspired action
  • How Deborah has manifested her success throughout her life
  • How she successfully started her coaching business by being of service
  • The biggest mistake she made as an entrepreneur that made her crash and burn
  • Why your ego is not your amigo but your enemigo
  • Why it's ok to be vulnerable and share your struggle with your audience
  • What you should put in your let go list
  • The incredible power of meditation and affirmation practices
  • The more you can be abundant and on purpose the more you can serve the world
  • "It is our divine right to be abundant"
  • Deborah's powerful affirmation: "I am at the right place, at the right time meeting the right people using my talents, skills and abilities to be abundantly paid to do what I love"
  • Deborah's system for success and happiness:Prayer, meditation, affirmation, visioning, vision boarding, trusting, having faith, taking radical inspired action, being grateful, starting over again
  • "Be happy and  grateful, do the inspired action and you'll have the life you dream of"
  • The power of asking "The hungry bird gets the worm"
  • If we want to have the life of our dreams we have to pour into our consciousness positive information that inspires, educates and uplifts us and we can only do this by taking control of what we put into our minds

Links & Resources

Thank you so much for your support and for listening in ! Join my VIP listto get a FREE copy of the Logra Tu Dream book as soon as it gets published ! If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe on  iTunes  and Stitcher and leave us a rating and a review.  This helps us to reach more Latinos and Latinas.


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