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Maribel Duran is the chief of staff at the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. In this role she works on driving the initiative's mission of increasing the Hispanic community's educational attainment and outcomes through the development of key partnerships, implementation of communication strategies, and operational and capacity-building best practices. She leads the initiative's communications, including social media outreach and engagement, early childhood education, and federal interagency working group efforts. Prior to assuming this position, she served as a special assistant to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, managing administrative operations, prioritizing day-to-day activities, internal and external communications and issues, assessing policies and research, and serving as a liaison between internal and external stakeholders.

With over 15 years of experience and expertise as an operational manager, Duran has been recognized for being pragmatic and tactful, a thoughtful partner, and a dedicated public servant. She began her career in the Chicago Public Schools, first as an administrative associate in the Office of Technology Services in 2001, and then as executive assistant to Arne Duncan, the district's CEO at the time, from 2005 to 2009.

Born and raised in Chicago, Duran is a first-generation college student currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in English language and literature at Southern New Hampshire University. She and her two children reside in Falls Church, Va.

What you'll learn

  • The inspiration from her immigrant parents which instilled in her the values of hard work and education.
  • Her American Dream
  • How she started her career in the education sector
  • Her journey that led her to work for the President of the United States as the chief of staff for the White House initiative Educational Excellence for Hispanics
  • Maribel's keys to success
  • Why is there an educational attainment gap in the Latino community
  • How the White House is helping Latinos close the education gap
  • Why it is critical to engage and educate the parents to improve the kids educational achievement
  • How the White House will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the  White House initiative  on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

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In this our 50th Logra Tu Dream episode I share a talk I gave to Hispanic 7th and 8th grade kids at Stevenson Middle School in Chicago. My talk is about the 10 Lessons I have learned from the 40+ amazing Latinos, Latinas and some non-Latinos achieving their American Dream who I have interviewed on Logra Tu Dream over the last 10 months. I started Logra Tu Dream to help you achieve your American Dream but I had no roadmap on how successful Latinos/as were achieving their dreams, until now. This year my goals is to flush this roadmap more in many ways and share it with you.

I interviewed entrepreneurs, authors, leaders, marketers, executives and artists. They were all great, I learned so much from all of them and was very inspired. I interviewed some of the most inspiring and influential people in the Latino world like Lizza Monet Morales, Manny Ruiz, Alex Torrenegra, Jacqueline Camacho, Fidel Vargas, Deldelp Medina, Jesse Martinez, Jose Huitron, Ray Collazo, Mahrinah Von Schlegel and many more. I'm really grateful they all took time to speak with me.


What you'll learn

1. Have a BIG dream for your life

“Your only limitations are the ones that your mind creates” Jackie Camacho

How Avion Ventures is helping Latinas achieve their mobile entrepreneurial dreams Deldelp Medina

2. Feed your mind and spirit

“The minute we stop learning we die” Lizza Monet Morales

How to invest in yourself to develop your skills “No dejes de estudiar” Sonia Farace

The importance of education for business success- Tayde Aburto

3. Be Grateful

“I hope that successful Hispanic entrepreneurs to contribute back to the community, it is not just about building wealth there has to be a purpose.” Fidel Vargas

“ I am very grateful to anybody that cares about what I have to say” Gary Vaynerchuk

4. Get Mentored

“You ask for help because you need to remain strong not because you are weak” Robert Renteria

La importancia de tener mentores para lograr el exito como emprendedor y como obtenerlos- Alex Torrenegra

“Reach out to other people who are ahead of you” Lizza Monet Morales

5. Surround yourself with the right people

The importance of strong and broad networks in entrepreneurial success Mahrinah Von Schlegel

Las tres etapas del networking de negocios exitoso y como estos principios aplican a social media- Luis de La Hoz

6. Take massive action

“Make action our domain” Jose Huitron

How did Gianpaolo Pietri get Eva Longoria to sign up to produce the ” El Voto Latino” documentary- Gianpaolo Pietri 

7. Give and give some more

“The more you help other people get what they want the more you’ll get what you want” Jim Rohn quote Tayde Aburto

“Help other Latinos, don’t be a crab be an ant” Lizza Monet Morales

The critical need to shift to a collaboration mindset in the Latino community to enable Latino business success and what we can do about it- Tayde Aburto

8. Master the ONE thing you can do better than anybody else

Como  convertir tu pasion en la manera de ganarte la vida y como identificar en que eres mejor que nadie-  Mariana Ferrari

“Sometimes what you think is your biggest weakness is your biggest strength”- Deldelp Medina

9. Become very valuable to the marketplace

“Find the need and fill the gap” Manny Ruiz

How Milagros de Mexico is helping Latinos get healthier- Mauricio Simbeck

10. Compounding

How some people that don’t make that much money retire with more money than people with higher income than they do- Haydee Caldero

“You can slowly and meticulously save money and create wealth so you can enjoy your grandkids when you retire”  Ruben Rojas


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Fernanda Chacon, es Coach y Chef Saludable, Fundadora de “Heavenly Skinny Kitchen”, el movimiento “Cocina y Muévete Para Triunfar”, y editora de “www.CookAndMove.com” graduada en “Roosevelt University en el 2009, posteriormente, obtuvo su especialización en la nutrición de niños y de la mujer embarazada en el año 2012, por medio del instituto de Dr. William Sears.

 Lo que ha distinguido a Fernanda Chacón, es su misión de crear conciencia sobre cómo la nutrición y el ejercicio impacta a las personas de manera positiva o negativa no solo en el peso sino primordialmente en su actitud, desenvolvimiento, salud y estilo de vida. Una de sus pasiones es transformar y crear recetas de platillos saludables y balanceados sin restricciones de los diferentes grupos de comidas, enfocándose en una mejor opción menos procesada. Al igual que entrenar y educar a otros como llevar un estilo de vida más sana y placentera por medio de la nutrición y el movimiento a través de su campaña “Cocina y Muévete Para Triunfar”.

Durante su trayectoria profesional ha sido galardonada por “Women’s Net Ambar Award” como MUJER INNOVADORA en el 2011. También ha sido seleccionada entre las 100 blogueras Latinas más influyentes en los Estados Unidos por LATISM. Fernanda Chacón, se ha destacado en diferentes medios de comunicación en radio y televisión tales como: TeleChicago, Univision, Univision Radio, VmeTV, Mundo Fox, entre otras, compartiendo su trabajo y movimiento de salud aportando información educativa sobre como llevar un estilo de vida saludable.

Actualmente Fernanda tiene un segmento en el programa de Sin Censura con Vicente Serrano via 750AM y Mundo Fox Chicago todos los Jueves donde comparte este movimiento de “Cocina y Muévete Para Triunfar” dando consejos de salud, nutrición y ejercicio. Este próximo 2015 será la nutricionista oficial del programa Despierta con Zoe y Vida Mujer por medio de Univision Chicago.


  • Como Fernanda emigro de Venezuela para poder tener acceso a mejores oportunidades de educacion y trabajo
  • Como dejo un trabajo frustante para empezar su primer negocio de comida saludable sin saber cocinar
  • Porque hay que evitar dietas "rebote"
  • La importancia de cocinar rico y vivir saludable para lograr tus dreams
  • Como adapto su dream a su realidad de vida en vez de abandonarlo
  • Como crecio su blog y porque decidio lanzar un canal de YouTube y una serie de videos
  • Como monetiza su blog
  • Como ha logrado obtener segmentos de cocina saludable en TV con Univision y Mundo Fox
  • Las lecciones de su exito
  • Porque no importa lo que estudies en la universidad sino que sigas aprendiendo sobre tu pasion durante toda tu vida.
  • El movimiento cocina y muevete para triunfar

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